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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Done! The picture came out a little dark, but Wavy is done! I used Brown Sheep worsted in a pretty purple color and it took only 2 skiens! I really liked doing the pattern, so I'll probalby end up making another!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Second wave underway

Well I've finally got going with my second Wavy scarf. Here's the current state of play, just into the first pattern repeat.

The yarn is Cascade 220 in shade 9402 - a variegated grey. I was worried about how the light and dark colours would work with the wavy ribbing, but I'm really liking the results so far.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Well Underway!

Well, I am 4 repeats into the scarf (pic was taken at 3 I think) - I'm using Brown Sheep worsted in a great purple! I really like this pattern!!!
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yay! I finished!

Well, with a good 3 hours blitz this morning, I got the final wave done. I did add the extra pattern repeats of row 1 to it, so that the two ends look even when they're hanging down together. I was squinting at the picture on Knitty, trying to figure out if that's what Sarah had done in hers, but couldn't quite decide. Still, I like it. I bound off in pattern too, which made a lovely edge.

I've been commissioned to do a "second wave" scarf for the husband of the friend who's getting this one. I have the yarn, and will be casting on in the next day or two.

Here's what it looks like. Clicking on the image will open a link to a larger picture.

I'm so, so proud of myself for finishing this. *waves pompoms and cheers on everyone else who's still working on it*


Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Wavy in chart form:

Being that this will be my first chart, I got a little blurry eyed looking at it, but also noticed that there are only 40 stitches across on the chart, and the pattern is for 42 -that may also be where some of my confusion lies! I can't seem to figure out going one way for right side, and the other way for wrong side. I guess if there was a more distinct pattern I could recognize where I was a bit easier, but I'm lost in the knits and purls!

Jumping in..

I've been working on my Wavy scarf since the start of this month, and am just starting the final repeat. It's been a really fun project to knit, plus it's taught me (a beginner) how to alternate between knit and purl stitches. Plus everyone who sees it looks so impressed. The current scarf has already been "bagged" by a friend, and her husband wants one in grey to match, so that'll be starting up as soon as I finish this one.

I've used Cascade 220 in 7812, which is kind of a kelly green - a lot of blue in it, but somewhat less than the photo below shows!

This was the "halfway" point of the scarf, about 2 weeks ago:

I think I'm going to add an extra 4 rows of the k3p3 row 1 at the very end, just so that it matches the beginning of the scarf. Anyone else do anything like this?

Anyway, glad to be part of the blog/KAL.


Question on Wavy in Chart Form??

I saw the wavy pattern in chart form and screamed with joy! But, when I looked at it, I have a question. In the paragraph below the chart it reads: "The key to the chart is at the top. The RS (right side) is the odd-numbered row, while the WS (wrong side) is the even-numbered row. To read this chart, start at the bottom of the chart with row 1. You read row 1 from left to right. This goes for all odd-numbered rows. Once you get to row 2, you read the chart from right to left. This is the same for all even-numbered rows."

but, when you open the chart and look at the top for the key, it indicates that teh Odd rows are read R to L and even rows are L to R this is opposite as to what is in the blog itself. Just wondering if anyone has used the chart, and if they did, which way they used it! :)

Thanks! I am hoping to start tonight using some Brown Sheep worsted in a beautiful bright purple. I'll post pics once I get going.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

late start, slow knitter

Below is a picture of my progress up to row 8 of the second pattern repeat. I'm not super happy. As usual, my work doesn't even begin to look like the original picture. I kind of hope blocking will neaten things up.


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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finished Wavy

I finished my Wavy a few weeks are the results! Since it was more like a "Welcome back to knitting" project, I only used some Red Heart yarn I already had hanging around, but I loved the colors in it. Now I find I knit a lot faster than I did before, and can switch from knitting to purling with more ease.

A Picture of me Wearing it

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