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The Wavy-knit-a-long Blog
Thursday, December 09, 2004


Welcome to the (English language) Wavy Knit-a-long blog!

Here is the pattern: Wavy

If you wanna join, just comment, or mention it in the Knitty thread. Please post your name(the one you use/will use with blogspot, YOUR EMAIL (so I can send the invite), and your blog address if you have one and want to be linked. You can email me at jackeatskittens [at] hotmail [dot] com - but please mention wavyalong in the subject line.

If you want a button to put on your blog, please take it, but host it yourself.

There is another wavy knit-a-long, but it is in German...and not all of us know German, so this one was set up.

Let the knitting commence...

Blogger Tatjana said...
Hi, I started Wavy today too - still waiting on the yarn for Ribby Cardi, so I decided to do start another project in the meantime :-)

I joined the German Wavy KAL but I'd love to join here too - and my blog is English anyway!  

Blogger the knitting fiend said...
Hi! This will be my first knit a long!! I'd love to join and knit a groovey scarf :D :D Thanks! I'm so excited :D  

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