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Monday, January 03, 2005

*scuffs feet in dirt*

OK, I admit. I've finally given up the ghost on this pattern for the time being. I don't know why, its probably because I left it to knit other things, but I had such a block on getting back to it, it just wan't fun.

So, I made the bit that I had knitted into a cover for my diary, with a mental promise to knit it fully at a later date - probably in the autumn. All I can say now, is good luck with yours, keep posting pics of your progress! (I'll post a pic of the diary, just for completeness sake) ;-D

Oh, and is the pink template getting on anyone else's nerves? I'll change it if everyone hates it!

Blogger the knitting fiend said...
HI! I left a comment on the first post but I don't know when somebody will find it.. so I'm writing another one here!
I would love to join this knit a long, it's my first one, and it sounds fairly easy so i'll give it a shot! Are there any dead lines? or anything?
and I noticed you guys didn't have a 88x31 button, so I made you one! hee hee



Blogger Peatbogfaery said...
Thanks for the button - I need your email address to send you an invite to the blog.  

Blogger LadyKeetes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

Blogger LadyKeetes said...
Ack, my brain doesn't work today. I'd like to join the KAL as well. My blog is at changing blog software, so pardon the mess, I'll be importing all my real posts later today...I hope!

My email is ladykeetes @ [[]] *points up*

Thanks bunches!  

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