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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Cutting all strings...

Hi all,

Due to work commitments (and finishing with this pattern ages ago) I don't want to carry on 'adminning' this KAL. This is why I closed on the sign-ups (although I forgot to post it here, I did mention it on Knitty). Does anyone want to take over? It would be a pity if people still wanted to sign-up here, and not be able to. Email me jackeatskittens @ hotmail . com if you do. Please only offer if you really can - I won't be taking it back! If no-one offers then I will still leave the blog 'live', but not sign-up any new people.



Blogger Allie said...
Hi there,
I emailed you about taking over and havent heard from you yet so either I didnt get the email right or you didnt get it please contact me at  

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