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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Jumping in..

I've been working on my Wavy scarf since the start of this month, and am just starting the final repeat. It's been a really fun project to knit, plus it's taught me (a beginner) how to alternate between knit and purl stitches. Plus everyone who sees it looks so impressed. The current scarf has already been "bagged" by a friend, and her husband wants one in grey to match, so that'll be starting up as soon as I finish this one.

I've used Cascade 220 in 7812, which is kind of a kelly green - a lot of blue in it, but somewhat less than the photo below shows!

This was the "halfway" point of the scarf, about 2 weeks ago:

I think I'm going to add an extra 4 rows of the k3p3 row 1 at the very end, just so that it matches the beginning of the scarf. Anyone else do anything like this?

Anyway, glad to be part of the blog/KAL.


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