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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Question on Wavy in Chart Form??

I saw the wavy pattern in chart form and screamed with joy! But, when I looked at it, I have a question. In the paragraph below the chart it reads: "The key to the chart is at the top. The RS (right side) is the odd-numbered row, while the WS (wrong side) is the even-numbered row. To read this chart, start at the bottom of the chart with row 1. You read row 1 from left to right. This goes for all odd-numbered rows. Once you get to row 2, you read the chart from right to left. This is the same for all even-numbered rows."

but, when you open the chart and look at the top for the key, it indicates that teh Odd rows are read R to L and even rows are L to R this is opposite as to what is in the blog itself. Just wondering if anyone has used the chart, and if they did, which way they used it! :)

Thanks! I am hoping to start tonight using some Brown Sheep worsted in a beautiful bright purple. I'll post pics once I get going.


Blogger Kirsti said...
Do you have a link to the chart so we can look at it? Try comparing the chart to the pattern instructions and see how the rows match up - that should help.

The best thing that helped me understand this scarf was realising that it was always going to be 3 knit stitches and then 3 purl stitches, just shifted along. So if you start the row with 1 purl stitch, then go into the k3 p3 pattern, the "lost" two purl stitches will be at the very end of the row. If you start a row with k2, you'll end with k1. That was always a useful check that I hadn't made any mistakes on a row.  

Anonymous Knit Chick said...
I had corrected the chart a while back, but didn't fix the blog entry (which has since been corrected, too). If you had followed the incorrect version, you just would have made a mirror image of the original pattern (which can be interesting in itself).  

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